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Getting Acquainted with Your Home

A house is one of the basic needs. It provides shelter and protection against the elements. It is where a person eats, sleeps and relaxes. One can make his house more than just a shelter. It can be made more comfortable and attractive by decorating it.

Sprucing up the home need not be an expensive endeavor. It does not have to involve hiring an interior designer. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh look at some of the old things in your house. You can combine design and comfort with cost-effectiveness and practicality. Just let your inner creativity shine through.

African Interior

African Interior

Small trinkets can turn into cheap but chic decorations. Old frames and furniture can be reworked and made more interesting. You can even take advantage of the antique or worn-out look of some of your stuff. Rearranging your stuff is one way you can redecorate the house without having to spend much.

Mix and match items from different rooms. Get the nightstand and turn it into a coffee table in the living room. Take the shallow laundry basket and turn it into a fruit basket in the kitchen. Jars and bowls from the kitchen can be used as decoration along the shelves in the living room. Take the clothespins from the laundry room and use them to hang artfully printed recipes along the kitchen wall. You can also take little things from your drawers or wherever you have the stored and give them a more prominent place in the house.

Frame concert or movie tickets and place them in the living room. Get old ties and hang them along a section of the walls lining the hallway. To get you started in your house decorating project, survey your house. Take a good long look at each room. Think of how you use each space and how you plan to use them in the future. For example, the living room used to hold lots of books and school materials.

White and gray living room

White and gray living room

Now that everyone is working, then it’s time to transform the bookshelves into a more sophisticated area fit for a young professional. The kitchen used to be a cereal station. If you have recently acquired a liking for cooking more sophisticated food, or planning to in the near future, then it’s time to make a few changes to accommodate your future kitchen adventures.

If you do not like the look of something, there is always paint. It is the least expensive decorative item you can get your hands on but can yield bold, striking and major transformation of anything and any part of the house. Take care when you go with this option as it can also do as much harm to furniture and others parts of the house.

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